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Dawn Clifford_Fallen LeavesSimon Powell_In The PitsPeter Stott_Snow Geese chase the MoonBen Carrick_Caught OutDerek Jones_Effete LilyVictoria Cheston_Lighting the LampPeter Stott_Give me that fishDavid Brown_The AlchemistDavid Zinzan_Bellowing in the brackenPhilip Trew_Serene swan at sunriseClive Summerfield_Sails at Sydney OperaGillian Tiplady_The Next MaradonaDavid Brown_HatchlingJames Cleverley_Interior Design, London CityJohn Wylie_Waterlily FantasyTricia Barker_On ReflectionAthena Carey_AweJohn Boyer_Male PheasantDavid Zinzan_Otter in the wildNicky Rochussen_Cadgwith Cove

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